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Top Window Trends In 2022

Getting a window treatment is an important part of renovating any home. They enhance the personality and style of your home. For your convenience, we will discuss the top window trends of 2022.

Top window trends of 2022

1. Look for functionality

In 2022, people are focusing on the multi-functional aspect of window treatments. Business owners and homeowners are searching for window coverings that will not only be able to effectively block the sun but also provide some amount of privacy. That is why they require window treatments that will have decorative elements and even be functional.

You can go for multi-functional window treatments such as roller shades with in-built blackout lining or dual shades that give both rooms a darkening shade or light filtering in one. At times, you can also customize your window treatments. There are several ways in 2022 to go for window treatments that meet your particular needs.

2. Explore smart technology

Smart technology is becoming a popular window trend in 2022. It can comprise things you can control with a single touch of a button, like shutters that you can close or open automatically based on the time of the day. If you want to have an energy-efficient home, you can opt for smart technology in your window treatments to regulate the temperature inside your home and lower the energy bill.

3. Accessorize and personalize

You can add design details to your windows that will transform the finishing of your window, your entire room, and your home’s external appearance. In addition to the color of your window frame and the hardware finishes, you can include levers, handles, latches, and hinges. They will make your window look more unique. You can also go for etched patterns in your window glass that give an incomparable flair, and customized decorative grills will make your window appear attractive.

4. Adding vibrant colors to your window frames

Adding rich colors to your window frames will help remodel and renovate your home in the best possible way. You can get vinyl window frames in vibrant colors that will need less laborious and frequent maintenance than some painted windows that are made up of wood. Lively colored windows can help your window stand out among the crowd and also help in preserving the framing of your windows for a long period.

5. Get more privacy in your glass house

Most homeowners are a fan of window trends that offer an immersive experience and expansive views in and around their surroundings. It will help in creating private spaces in your home. Privacy glass helps in obscuring the view from outside. For this, you can get different options like textures, colors, and patterns to provide visual interest and shading.

The frosted or translucent glass allows the blurring of the background and diffusion of the light. You can find smoked or colored transparent glass that will give a darkened appearance. Decorative glass consists of textured glass with certain distinctive patterns, and leaded or stained glass gives character to old homes. So, you can try adding more privacy to your window along with the latest technologies.

6. Be more environment-friendly 

Window treatment trends in 2022 emphasize the use of sustainable and natural materials. For this reason, business owners and homeowners are mainly focused on adding sustainable materials to their window decor. Natural materials provide an earthy and warm aesthetic that will create a rustic and cozy vibe in your home.

Environmental-friendly products are also made from sustainable materials. This will make your home look beautiful while taking care of your environment. Moreover, their natural look will offer an elegant touch to your home’s space. 

7. Modern and minimalistic

If you need a minimalistic window treatment, roller shades are the best choice. Their modern and sleek design goes well with the minimalist trend. Sheer shades also provide natural lighting that will give you the privacy you require. The flowy and soft nature of these window treatments will blend in a seamless manner without your surrounding and window decor.

8. Blind vs shutters

Shutters and blinds are slatted window coverings that you can close or open with automated control and a hand-operation mechanism. Usually, shades have only one material that you can pull down or up to expose the window, whichever way you choose.

If you want to add elegance and character to your window, go for plantation shutters. They are extremely easy to operate. Along with faux and wood plantation shutters, you can choose insulated, moisture-resistant, and light control options. However, you must not use wood shutters in areas that have high moisture. Instead, use composite shutters in these areas that can resist staining, moisture damage, and warping.

9. Large windows

Nowadays, people are going for large windows to let in more light in their homes. Homeowners are now choosing designs with broad glass expanses to bring in the outdoors and flood rooms with plenty of natural lighting. In terms of popularity, bow windows and large bay windows, along with large casement windows, are gaining prominence.


In 2022, you can find the top window trends that focus on multi-functionality. Opting for smart technology will also enable you to lower your energy bills while enhancing the use of your windows. Minimalism is the new modern style so keep it in mind while choosing your window decor. Large windows help in bringing more light to your home. Additionally, environment-friendly window treatments also help you take care of your surroundings and, simultaneously, give a natural and elegant look to your home.

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