Awning Windows Provide Fresh Air and a Stunning View

Awning windows are a beautiful choice for homeowners who the luxury of fresh air and sunlight. Awning windows open outward and sit higher on walls, which provide desired privacy with a stunning view.

Why Awning Windows Make a Great Addition To Your Home?

Awning windows are an amazing way to add an abundance of ventilation and sunlight to your home. Awning windows are still able to maintain the structural integrity offered by traditional, side opening casement windows. Awning windows provide more light with their ability to swing outwards away from walls during summer months when you need it most. This creates a gorgeous wide view with customized ventilation for any day.

Awning windows can be great additions to homes in warmer climates because they provide the best airflow for your homes circulation. With awning windows you can enjoy the maximum breeze from any direction and a panoramic view. Contact Best Windows and Doors of Orange County to have your home measured today!

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Features & Benefits of Awning Windows

  • The frame and sash of the window are not an issue for most people, but some do like to minimize these elements. The stepped internal profile along with contoured external profiling minimizes the frame and sash for more daylight inside your house.
  • The squareness of the hinge is adjustable to accommodate a wide variety viewing options

Frequently Asked Questions

Awning windows are like casement windows except they have hinges at the top and can be opened from their bottom. This type of window is typically narrower than it is tall, giving them a rectangular shape that’s different from traditional style sliding up or down types because you turn a crank to open them instead of opening sideways as with those styles.

Awning windows are the best when it comes to sealing air inside. These types of windows allow you to keep your home’s temperature constant and rely less on expensive heating or cooling methods. Windows can be installed over existing features, allowing more natural sunlight in which will warm up a room naturally without relying on artificial heat sources like an electric heater!

Awning windows can be positioned in any room and provide more privacy than other styles because they are higher up on the wall. In kitchens, put them near stoves to allow fresh air to keep the area cool; while bathrooms, positioning a window high above sinks prevents people from seeing inside.

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Awning windows for homes: Making ventilation of hard-to-reach places a breeze

Did you know that awning windows offer the same benefits as traditional windows?  In addition, awning windows are used for added architectural interest and functionality when paired with large picture windows. They can be installed higher up in places like bathrooms where you need to allow airflow without compromising your privacy. But the convenient function of awning windows and window awnings for homes in damp climates can be a real game-changer. They create a sloped surface that keeps rain and moisture away and are easy to operate at just the reach of your hand, saving you some uncomfortable climbing.

Replacement awning windows to match the look and needs of your property

Whether you need to maximize airflow in tight spaces or want a stylish combination of an awning and fixed windows, Best Windows & Doors can install a solution that will be appropriate for your home. We have years of expertise in all things window-related, offering various services from repairing awning window operators to replacement projects for different rooms and large areas.

The key advantages of awning windows are:

  • It can be left open for lengthy periods of time for maximum ventilation
  • Add more light while requiring minimal space
  • Use a simple crank mechanism for easy opening in awkward, obstructed places
  • Create design accents and ample ventilation points in a mix with non-operable or picture windows

Versatile, low-maintenance, and customizable windows

With great functionality within a single design feature, awning windows can provide enhanced security and weather protection while complementing the style or color scheme of your living space. Awning windows for sale come in many sizes, but they work best for medium-sized openings or small, hard-to-reach spots. If you have larger spaces, you’re better off installing multiple awning windows. We can suggest different combinations with picture windows for more light and visibility, with awning windows at the top or bottom for ventilation. 

The ideal combination for your property is the professionalism of our team and awning windows installed by Best Windows & Doors. With plenty of glazing and customization options, you can increase your windows’ security and energy efficiency or have more choices regarding how much air you want at multiple points. 

Our experts will be happy to advise you on the best materials, double- or triple-pane glass for replacement awning windows, and stylish details for the perfect fusion for your space and climate.