Folding Doors

Our doors are easy to open, quiet and comfortable for your family inside, while keeping outside noise out so that it doesn’t bother anyone around you.

Folding door installation services for extra convenience

Folding doors are the next big thing in remodeling projects. They epitomize the intelligent use of space in residential buildings and offices. Folding doors can make your home look bigger and create openings to rooms for more people to enjoy. The only caveat is that folding door installation is rarely a simple undertaking; that is why our team of experts is here to help you create the look and feel of your dreams. 

Folding doors are different from conventional door types in that they are made up of more components. Installing a folding door means installing a tracking system, creating custom panels, adjusting them to your ceiling and floor, and putting several fittings in place. This is often too much of an effort for homeowners, but a folding door installation company, like Best Windows & Doors of Southern California, can save you and your home from any hiccups.

No doors are too tricky to install for Best Windows & Doors. We have a proven track record of folding door projects in residential and commercial buildings throughout Southern California. Our folding door installation services cover the entire process, from making custom panels to putting them together with a tracking system at your office or home. Once your new door is installed, your entryway transformation is backed by our 10-year installation warranty with no strings attached.

Accordion and bi-fold door installation services

When you think of folding doors, it is accordion and bi-fold doors that you’re thinking of. Even though there’s little that sets both options apart, accordion doors are more common for indoor places or as space-saving room dividers. Bi-fold doors don’t necessarily have only two parts or panels — as the name may suggest — and are great as patio doors.

Best Windows & Doors won’t fail to nail your accordion or bi-fold door installation project regardless of the specificity of remodeling lingo. Whether you want more space between your living room and dining room or to create a sun-drenched space with quick access to your patio, we can custom-make the right door for you. When we say ‘custom,’ we mean any panel design, color, and size that fits your place.

Don’t attempt to plunge into bi-fold or accordion door installation unless you’re an experienced installer. Contact Best Windows & Doors for the job and enjoy the latest contemporary door upgrades at your home or office!

Folding Doors Installation Services

Our folding door installation service in Southern California gives your home or office that extra touch of class. Best Windows & Doors LLC has worked with several homeowners who give us the needed experience and versatility that suits your home’s specific needs.

Folding doors help you maintain efficiency in your home. Plus, they give the opportunity for added in-door and out-door living space. These are ideal for entertaining.

What are Bi-fold doors?

A bi-fold door is a door that the panels fold to the exterior as you open it. We have a wide range of bi-fold doors options since everything is made custom in different sizes and colors.

Plus the common parts, including aligners, door pull, leading door, jamb-side door, and the track hanger making the door top hung. Overall, folding doors have many parts and are unique to other door options, which makes them the most difficult to install. This is why you need the best company for the job whether you are a homeowner or contractor who just needs assistance in installations for your project.

Why Should You Use Our Folding Doors Installation Services?

Serving all of Southern California, we strongly value quality and expertise. So, we ensure that our doors customers can use them in the long haul and will enjoy them for years to come and that is why we have a 10 year installation warranty that goes hand in hand with the manufacturers product warranty. We also combine up-to-date technology with modern-day designs that create a functional range of modern door replacement options.

Our Hassle-Free Process in 4 Easy Steps!

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In-home Estimate

Our design consultants listen to your needs and create a plan to improve energy efficiency and enhance your home's beauty.

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Expert Measurement

Project technicians ensure accuracy/answer any last-minute questions before sending the order for your customized windows and doors.

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Local Manufacturing and Installation

Our Installers treat your home as if it were their own and clean up afterward.

Folding Doors
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5 Star Customer Service

A robust limited warranty is backed by a commitment to making sure your windows and doors function as expected.

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Frequently Asked Quesitons

Sliding doors are practical and efficient for ventilating your home. They offer more control than bifolding doors because you don’t have to fold the door set partially, which is great if there’s limited space in a room or hallway. Sliding panels can be slid open as much or as little so that ventilation doesn’t interfere with furniture placement on either side of the panel when opened all the way – perfect for day-to-day use! Our products also include our latest generation components like rollers and running gear, making it effortless no matter what size or weight of sliding door you need

Sliding doors glide along metal, wood or vinyl tracks fitted into their frames at the top and bottom. To ease movement, sliding doors often have plastic rollers attached to them on either side near the top of one door and just below where it meets with its counterpart on the other end.

A two panel sliding door will have just one vertical mullion, while a three panel door has just two. There are no other types of doors that come with such slimming qualities like these and this is what makes them so special for anyone who values more glass than aluminium in their residences. Sliding doors also don’t block your view due to how they meet together when you slide and fold it; bifolding windows do not offer the same sight lines as sliding ones because we think if you live in any rural area or enjoy some fantastic views from where you call home then a sliding window would be perfect!

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Why Best Windows & Doors?

Imagine your living room with a sliding patio door that opens to an outdoor lounge area. Imagine the fresh air and sounds from outside gently seeping into your home while you chat on the couch in front of its warm fireplace after dinner or watch TV at any time of day, enjoying all this space has to offer! We take pride in the quality used for these products because they will not only improve your home’s aesthetic but also protect it from intruders that might want to come inside like birds or bugs. This is an investment into your future!






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