Orange County Single Hung Window Options

There are a number of different types of windows that can be used in your home construction but none so common as the single hung window. A sash window, which is often referred to just as “a single hung” has amazing ease and versatility when it comes time for modern homeowners to replace their old or damaged windows with these newer models.

Single hung windows are the way to go for homeowners who want an energy efficient window that is less expensive than a double-hung. With single-hungs, you don’t have any cords or draperies hanging from your exterior like with a traditional double-hung design which makes it look more streamlined and clean lined on the outside as well!

The most beneficial reason to buy single hung windows is their affordability combined with added energy efficiency. Single Hung Windows are often cheaper than Double Hung and because they only use one top sash instead of two, they’re typically better at insulating against heat loss in colder climates than their counterparts. This means that there’s no need for curtains or other drapes dangling off your house/building making.

The Features of Best Windows & Doors Single-Hung Windows

You partner with Best Windows & Doors and you’ll never settle for ordinary windows again. Our replacement windows aren’t just single-hung too, they’re so much more than that to give your home the added value it needs. Our windows feature:

Fastest Turnaround Times in Southern California

We know how frustrating it can be to wait for a window replacement. That’s why we’ve got the fastest turnaround in town, at only 12-16 business days! We’re 80% faster than our competition and will get your door up fast so that you don’t have to sit around waiting any longer.

Single Hung Vs Double Hung

If you are looking to replace an old window in your home, single hung windows may be the best option for you.

Single-hung is also a great choice if you don’t want two sashes moving and need only one of them sliding up or down at any given time.

But what makes it different from double-hung? In both cases, when the horizontal operating mechanism turns around its axis while being operated by either hand crank or motor gear system these types of treatments will allow for vertical movement on all four sides so that they can operate smoothly with little force needed against gravity which makes installation easier than ever before!

Single Hung Window Sizing Options

Single hung windows are available in a variety of sizes. A window rough opening can start as small as 24 inches, 28 inches or 32 inches and get up to 48" wide with heights ranging from 36", 44", 52" all the way up to 72".

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of your new single hung windows depends completely on you, your style preferences and your home.  For an official cost estimate you will need to contact a Best Windows & Doors specialist who will visit your home in order to make an official estimate. 

Like double hung windows, the single hung window is suited for almost any traditional American home including: cape cods, colonials, victorians, craftsman homes, ranch homes, cottages, farmhouses, or tudors. Depending on the style of your home, consider a grid pattern for your single hung windows, which would give them an added custom touch and the opportunity to completely transform your home’s curb appeal.

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