French Door Replacement

A French door is a lovely way to make your entrance spectacular and functional at the same time. A wide array of options means that you can have just about any style for our Best Windows & Doors doors, from traditional glass etching or grids to handle finishes like bronze, brass, chrome plating with nickel-plated knob hardware sets. We’re committed not only to providing security but also making sure every detail suits your taste!

The #1 French Door Replacement Experts

Doors are an integral part of any home. They help keep the cold out during winter, and let you close off rooms when they’re not in use. But all doors aren’t created equal- there’s a lot that goes into making them! We like to think it shows when people get their hands on our French Swing Doors because we have one thing that many other door companies don’t: quality craftsmanship at affordable prices.

Benefits of Having New French Doors

  1. Are built to last
  2. Require very little maintenance
  3. Are extremely reliable
  4. Won’t yellow in the hot California sun
  5. Are constructed of the finest materials
  6. Will add soundproofing to your home
  7. Installed by factory trained expert employees
  8. Will open up your rooms up to 30% more than a regular sliding door.

Top Notch Orange County Door Installation Experts

We can install swinging patio doors that are either hinged from the fixed panel or the frame. These units come in 2-lite and 3-lite models, giving you more options as to how much light you want on your porch at any given time.

The finest materials and vivid colors are the foundation of our French doors, which come in a myriad of options.

Take a look at all the options we have to offer for your French doors! We can help you make an informed decision on which features will work best with what kind of design, space and budget.

Fastest Turnaround Times in Southern California

When your door is in need of a replacement, you’ll want to find someone who can provide the quickest turnaround time possible. That’s why our exterior folding door service offers 12-16 business days for installations while other companies offer anywhere from 16-24 weeks! Don’t wait around – call us today and get your new entrance up quickly so that no one will have any more excuses not to visit with friends or family over Thanksgiving break.

Frequently Asked Quesitons

The origins of the French doors are obvious in their namesake. The inspiration for this type of door originated from France, and is a result of Renaissance architecture that incorporates glass into designs. This form was created as an extension to large windows after they were built during the renaissance era; previously, these types had been called “French Windows”.

Most people would agree that the best way to open external French doors is outwards. It leaves you with more space on your interior and can save some money, too! If you want an easy exit from your home or if there isn’t a lot of room where the door will be placed outside, then this might not be for you. Otherwise keep in mind how much space is needed internally vs externally when deciding which type of entrance door fits better into what’s already present at your house.

A professionally constructed French door will not allow any cold air to penetrate from the outside of the house. That said, over time a seal around glass might degrade and create an opportunity for leakages that can be cured with relative ease if you have maintenance done right away.

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French door installation for maximizing light, space, and wow-factor

The French ‘window door’ is a multi-functional and versatile design feature that hasn’t lost its popularity and traditional charm over the years. Whether separating rooms or leading to an outdoor area, a French-style door is the first thing that gets noticed in your home and the one with the most transformative potential. French door replacement instantly makes any space feel brighter and more open, meaning you don’t have to live in an expensive beach-side house to infuse your interior with warm air and sun.

Homeowners often just say ‘patio doors’ when referring to French-style doors because these are the top patio door choice. Installing exterior French doors works wonders for bringing in more light and air while upgrading the look on the inside and outside. A beautiful addition to any residence that visually extends the space to the great outdoors and lets homeowners make the most of lovely views, French doors will never go out of style.

French door installation: Cost-effective options for apartments and houses

Inspired by the classic architectural element, modern French doors enhance your home with the latest energy efficiency and manufacturing techniques. They are highly functional and customizable to offer you plenty of benefits and choices:

  • Add value and character to your home
  • Can fit into smaller and larger openings
  • Provide an easy entryway and ventilation
  • Elevate any home style
  • Create an optical illusion of space
  • Reduce your energy bills 
  • Can be made with different materials and door hardware

French door installation near me: Why choose a local company

Finding the right French doors for your living space is easier when you talk to Best Windows & Doors professionals with plenty of expertise on the local scene. Our French door installation projects are always carried out for lasting results and individual needs, considering the climatic and weather factors of the location. That’s essential for a proper start.

We can help you choose from modern and traditional styles, various energy-saving options with dual- and triple-pane glass, or added home security features. Everything you wanted to know about French door installation, costs, and options to enhance your home’s style, security, and energy efficiency is best to learn with Best Windows & Doors!

The well-coordinated work of our experts and the quality of our services will make you proud of your French door. Let’s get it in place!