New door installation

How much is new door installation, really? The price quotes you may find online are only averages and they do not reflect specific situations. Even if you find local price averages for installation in your area, these numbers may not account for customized doors, expert installation, or high-end products. 

Factors in a New Door Installation Cost 

When budgeting for your new door, you need to consider several things that will factor into the installation costs. These include, who does the installation, where you want to install the door, the materials of your wall if you want to replace an existing door or form a new opening, hardware, and the framing of the door. 

Because you use doors daily, you will want experts to install the doors for you. Professionally installation ensures that you have properly hung, level doors that will work properly. 

Reasons for Varying Prices for New Doors 

The cost of new doors varies considerably. Cheap interior doors often have hollow cores, making them flimsy and lightweight. Pricier doors will have solid construction or secure glass installed. For instance, french doors on your exterior will have energy-efficient glass to let in light without excessively heating your home. The higher price of these types of glass doors will be worth the investment because you get to enjoy natural light and an exterior view, both of which are priceless. 

Why Price Should Not Be the Only Deciding Factor 

Most people have budgets, but too often, homeowners make the mistake of only choosing the cheapest option when replacing doors or windows. Instead, consider new door installation an investment in your home. If you choose the right type of door, you can increase your home’s value and enhance its curb appeal. Look beyond the price to how the new doors will benefit your home and lifestyle. Plus, make sure that you get the professional installation to avoid future problems caused by the improper fitting of the doors or frames.

Get Quality New Door Installation from Best Windows and Doors of Orange County 

Quality matters in the installation process and the type of door you install. Don’t go with the cheapest option. You’ll get what you pay for. When you want great doors and expert installation, turn to our team at Best Windows and Doors of Orange County. Contact us to get a free in-home estimate for your new door installation cost. You’ll get more than just a new door. You’ll have great customer service, factory-trained experts installing the door, and the quality of our locally made products. We’ve got stellar online reviews, trusted customer service members, and a line of doors that will stand the test of time and add beauty to your home. 



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