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You deserve to have the windows and doors that you want to make a statement in your home. Fully customizable options in our Signature Series will complement your home with colors you never thought possible for energy-efficient windows. Forget painting or making your home too hot, our black windows from this series will give your home the color you desire and the efficiency to make them worth the investment.

How the Signature Series Works to Create Energy-Efficient Black Windows

Black typically is a heat-absorbing color. Without proper insulation and window frame construction, black windows typically draw in heat, raising interior temperatures. This process negatively impacts cooling bills and is especially problematic in warmer climates, such as those in Southern California.

Our Signature Series solves many of the issues inherent with other black windows. The technology behind our windows starts with cool colors. This multilayer design mitigates the impacts of the color on absorbing solar heat. Most radiation does not pass through the window frame to the home.

The bottom layer of the frame has a vinyl construction with an infrared reflective laminate. Atop this is the pigmented vinyl portion that features pigments designed to reflect solar radiation. The top of the frame consists of a weather-resistant transparent overlay that resists fading and wear. 

Black Is Back as a Window Color

Once, people constructed black windows from steel and used them for industrial buildings in the 19th century. Today, this color is making a comeback in homes. The dark color stands out as a contrast to white or light-colored home exteriors. Despite their historic origins, black windows work best today in modern farmhouse styles or other contemporary designs.

Boost Your Home Value with Signature Series Black Windows

If you need new windows, why not upgrade to a popular color option with greater energy efficiency built-in? Black windows are hot now, but your home does not have to increase in temperature when you choose this popular color. With Signature Series windows, you can have new energy-efficient windows in a color that adds value to your home.

Replacement windows, especially energy-efficient models, will improve your home’s value, regardless of the color. The greater savings in heating and cooling the home and improved appearance from new windows both help to provide a return on your investment through more home value. Make now the time that you give your home a boost in appearance, efficiency, and value with new or replacement black windows from our Signature Series. 

Get Black Windows from Our Signature Series Only from Us at Best Windows and Doors in Orange County

You cannot find the Signature Series anywhere else than from us at Best Windows and Doors in Orange County. Sign up today to request an in-home consultation from us. You’ll be able to get customized advice on the types of windows or doors you could install from our Signature Series. We can give your home the upgrade you want with new windows that use the latest in cool color technology.




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