Black windows and doors

Black windows and doors are some of the latest in color options for these home fixtures. However, it hasn’t been until recently that this color option was viable. High tech solutions to the issues of using darker colors for windows are why our Best Windows & Doors Signature Series works to give you the lasting colors you want without giving up energy efficiency.

Why Enhanced Energy Efficiency with Black Windows and Doors

Black and other dark colors absorb heat. This heat absorption can make the interior of your home hotter during the summer, increasing the work your air conditioner must do. In fact, heat absorption of darker colors has been why windows and doors have long tended to use lighter colors. Not until high-tech window and door construction methods evolved have darker colors been feasible for these openings.

Multilayer Construction to Increase Energy Efficiency

To offset the heat absorption effect of darker colors, our Best Windows & Doors Signature Series uses “cool colors.” This innovative multilayer construction of our vinyl windows and doors reduces the amount of heat that sinks into the structure.

The bottom layer is an infrared (IR) reflective vinyl laminate that reflects instead of absorbs heat. Atop this layer, we use our patented IR reflective pigments to give the window its color while reducing heat intake. Lastly, we finish the top of the windows or doors with a transparent weather-resistant polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA). This layer prevents fading and heat absorption for the ultimate performance of your black windows and doors.

No More Frame Fading

While wood-frame windows typically fade over time, the impact is even more apparent with black windows. Even traditional vinyl windows can have the sun bleach out their dark colors over time, especially dark colors. However, with our Signature Series windows, our patented pigment and protective top layer reduce the effects of the sun on the color, ensuring that your black windows and doors stay beautiful and evenly colored for years.

Get the Black Windows and Doors You Want to Modernize Your Home

If you have always wanted black windows and doors but were dissuaded by their lack of energy efficiency or tendency to fade, now, you can have your dream. Contact us at Best Windows & Doors to find out more about our Signature Series that lets you have vinyl black windows and doors that have long-lasting color and are energy efficient.




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