indoor-outdoor living

Indoor-outdoor living has long been popular in areas of the country with good weather. Even as far back as 2019, architects noted an increase in the interest of homeowners for improving their indoor and outdoor spaces in other parts of the country. In fact, trends from that year, such as outdoor kitchens and reducing the boundaries between the interior and exterior of the home remain popular today.

Benefits of Increasing Indoor-Outdoor Living Space

Humans have a natural affinity for the outdoors. Time spent in the sunlight produces vitamin D and boosts mood. Getting more natural light in your home could be the improvement that you need for your living space’s value and your personal wellbeing.

Using windows and large glass doors maximize the amount of sunlight into your interior spaces. With more sunlight, even during times when you don’t want to go outside, you can still benefit from the perks of natural light and save on your lighting bills.

Folding Doors to Open Space Inside

Folding doors can turn an open-plan home into cozier spaces by shutting off areas for privacy. However, you can easily open the doors when you want to expand the space. These types of doors are versatile enough to even transform an interior room into an indoor-outdoor living space. When opened, the folding doors turn the room into an open-air lounge spot for entertaining or enjoying fresh air and sunlight.

Patio Doors or French Windows to Extend Indoor-Outdoor Living Space

Patio doors and french windows also work well to reduce the visible boundaries between your home’s interior and exterior. French doorways have a more traditional door frame, which can enhance a room’s appearance. Patio doors minimize the amount of space you need for a door to swing and have a simple design that maximizes light coming into the room. Both are great options for rooms that you want to open to the outside.

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