French doors

Sometimes, people will see design elements used in other homes and want to integrate them into their own. One popular instance is adding french doors. Though you may occasionally see these referred to as french windows, they function as doors to separate spaces. If you’ve never considered french doors for your home or want to weigh the pros and cons, learn more about these portals to make an informed decision. 

What Are French Doors? 

French doors are swing-style openings that meet in the middle. Instead of solid material covering the door, they have panes of clear, insulated window glass. This glass admits sunlight to bring more natural light into your room. Plus, with the glass, you can see clearly outside, which is a bonus if you have a room with a great view you want to enjoy more often. 

These doors are commonly used to access a private backyard. With that use, you can enjoy your view without worrying about your privacy being ruined by strangers looking through the doors into your home. 

Another application of these types of doors is inside homes to separate study areas. With these doors, parents can keep an eye on their children doing homework. The child can still have the door closed to block out sounds from around the house to concentrate better on their work. 

The difference between standard double doors 

While French doors and double doors share similar structures, they are distinct. Both types hang on hinges located along the sides of the doors and they close together in the middle. However, double doors are not made with glass in them. They are typically solid doors that do not allow sunlight through. These doors are a better option when you prefer privacy behind your double doors. 

Modern upgrades that make a big difference 

French doors today are not the same as in the past. Upgrades made to window and frame insulation make these doors an energy-efficient option for your home instead of allowing sunshine to heat your house and strain your air conditioner. 

With so many panes of glass, these swinging doors also allow you to lower your electric bills by letting you illuminate a room with natural light instead of artificial light. 

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