Do you plan to extend your property and try to rebuild it all over again? You must think of ways to utilize the space of your accessory dwelling unit appropriately. Building an ADU can prove to be a daunting task. Before you go ahead and finalize the plan, you must check out a few things to ensure that your transition remains smooth. 

Building an ADU: Things to Consider

  • Current layout and design of your home

Always consider the current layout and design of your place prior to drafting an ADU. You must always try to figure out a way that would complement the architectural style of the home. Also, check that you are using materials made of wood, stone, or concrete to construct the ADU accordingly. Building an ADU by considering these concerns will help you increase your property value. Besides, it makes it easy to sell it off when you wish to!

  • Privacy

Since ADUs are more like permanent residences, you will have to decide how you will build them. From the foundation to chalking out the utility connections and plumbing facilities, you will have to decide it all. Now, a closely knit ADU may interrupt your privacy accommodation. Thus, you will have to prioritize your privacy by relying on various landscaping provisions, putting up different window blinds, and landscaping the space. Also, take care of the aesthetic appeal of your property at the same time.

  • Size of the space

Too big or too small of an area can hit you back. Therefore, you must sit with the available space first. Also, figure out ways to live comfortably while fulfilling your purpose within that space. Too much space can waste both time and money and cause a burden on your utility bills. Therefore, make sure that you are investing in things wisely. 

  • Access

While building an ADU, you will need to consider the entrance space and how you would want to keep it detached from the rest of your living space. Installing a distinct backdoor might help to solve this issue. 

  • Condition of your site

Do not forget to consider the condition of your site before you start building your unit on it. Check out the different inconveniences that you might have had to face. Such as dividing different sections of your yard or thinking about the structural issues you might encounter going ahead. 

  • Standards and regulations of your area

Based on the area you are situated in, you will have to follow certain standards and regulations, as well as restrictions. Also, there are locations where you might have to go through the city-specific standards at the time of construction. On top of that, you might have to wait for quite a period before you get the approval for commencing your construction project. 

  • Utility connections

It is obvious that all the residents of the ADU will require both water and electricity to sustain their livelihood. Thus, you must have clarity regarding the utilities and how you can divert them to your ADU without adding unnecessary expenses with new installations. If you are planning to allow tenants to your property, make sure that you have a full proof strategy about how you will charge them on rent and electricity.

  • Deciding on the purpose of your ADU

There is no point in making a huge investment in building an ADU in case you are not very clear about the purpose behind it. You may plan it a little more wisely and create a gym, a creative studio, a home office, or a guest room out of it.

  • Fire regulations

Fire regulations are an important aspect of installing an ADU. Go through the regulations appropriately. Ensure that you keep them in mind while getting the fire hydrants and sprinklers to protect your tenants and loved ones from unwanted situations.

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