Best window treatment trends of 2022

The best window treatment trends can help you enhance your home’s personality and style. To help you out, we will talk about some of the window treatment trends of 2022. These will help your home to look unique as well as beautiful.

Best window treatment trends of 2022

1. Minimalism

Maximalism has now taken a backseat. And now, the world is inclining more towards minimalism when it comes to the best window treatment trends. People are therefore going for understated and simple designs.

One important example of window treatments that are minimalist comprises roller shades. They are the quickest and fastest in terms of their market sale rate. They look minimalist because of their modern and sleek design. You can go for roller shades and different types of fabrics and patterns that come with lift systems to meet operating convenience and cater to different design tastes.

Sheer shades are another option, and they allow natural light entry into your home easily. Moreover, when you desire, they can also provide you with privacy. The flowing, soft nature of the window treatment can combine the benefits of a layered or banded shade with sheer fabrics to give a modern and sleek solution.

2. Multi-functionality 

People in 2022 are not only looking for features like blocking out the sun and privacy but also for multi-functionality in their window treatment. So, they will not only be functional but also double up as decorative elements. Multi-functional window treatments include roller shades with in-built blackout lining and dual shades that filter light while darkening the room. 

Such window treatment trends are a product of customization. Homeowners are now searching for different types of window treatment trends that they customize according to their own specific needs. 

3. Blinds and shutters

Though most of us tend to confuse shutters and blinds with shades, shutters and blinds are window coverings that are slatted which you can open or close with the help of automated or hand-operated control and mechanism. Shades are the type of material, which one can pull up or down to expose the window in the way that you prefer. Plantation shutters can enhance character and elegance, and you can operate them easily. In addition to the wood shutters and faux wood plantation, you can go for moisture-resistant, light-control and insulated options. However, you cannot make use of wood shutters for areas with high moisture, while composite shutters can stand strong against moisture damage, warping, and staining.

Blinds are available in different kinds of styles and materials, such as faux wood and wood with colors that make it look like real wood. They can also be vertical or horizontal and are either motorized, cordless, or corded.

4. Roller and roman shades

Roman shades and shutters are widely chosen window treatments. This is because they are now available in different kinds of transparencies and colors. Roman shades are suitable for allowing the light in, pulling up and down the shades, and providing you with privacy. In the same vein, roller shades are also becoming quite popular. 

5. Mixed materials

You can try to combine curtains over woven blinds to bring an outdoor and natural look. In addition, you can have a sustainable approach; you can attract some vintage elements to create a unique look. You can go for estate sales for bargains on the retro finds. 

Your family room is a place where you can relax and gather with close friends and some of your loved ones. You can opt for window treatments that provide your home with much-needed privacy and add decorative touches to your home. 

6. Florals and stripes

Kitchens often experience odor and grease. The most convenient way to deal with this problem is to choose curtains that are washable by machines. You can go for sturdy fabrics that can avoid some decorative elements and regular cleaning. Additionally, you can select patterns for enhancing the personality among your less bright cabinetry and appliances.


7. Natural fabrics

You can choose a few natural fabrications, such as bamboo and cotton, that are recycled and reused to support sustainability efforts. Dining room drapes and curtains help you to give a finished appearance to your room. 

8. Sound and light filtering

You can combine soundproof and blackout curtains with some sheers to allow light in the day while also keeping your privacy. Though, blackout curtains can give a heavy appearance during the day. It is important to create a good sleep zone. When you are decorating a bedroom, you must make sure that your window treatments control the temperature, sound, and light. For this, you can select thermal and soundproof curtains. They are made with heavy and thick insulation materials to provide the right temperature, light, and sound control.

9. Clean lines

Clean lines are another popular window treatment trend that will make your home look less cluttered and minimalistic. You can add them to your living room and make a lasting impression on your colleagues, relatives, and loved ones who visit your home. 


You can decorate your home by choosing the best window treatment trends of 2022. Minimalism will help you to achieve a clean look for your home. It will also bring out a new personality in each room. You can select shades, blinds, and shutters that can block out the light and also provide you with privacy. In addition, you can select soundproof and blackout curtains, but they can look a bit heavy during the daytime. Sometimes, if you want, you can also opt for curtains that are made with natural fabrics. 

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