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Your body and mind crave natural light. However, you also don’t want to get too much, which could lead to sunburns or skin cancer. Installing more windows into your home to admit natural sunlight lets you enjoy the benefits of it without the downsides.

Sleep Better with Natural Light

Your body’s sleep and wake times correlate to its circadian rhythm, which the body regulates by exposure to light. In fact, light serves as the most significant factor in regulating the circadian rhythm. Normally, the light exposure comes from typical day-night cycles. If shift work, jet lag, or other sleep problems interrupt your natural sleep cycle, you can reset it with natural sunlight.

The Sleep Foundation recommends getting exposure to natural light, especially early in the day, to reset your circadian rhythm and sleep better. With large windows in your bedroom, you can open the curtains and enjoy natural light as soon as you wake up.

Avoid Fluorescent Light Stress

Fluorescent light bulbs use less energy than incandescent bulbs and don’t produce heat. Therefore, many homes have compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) installed in light fixtures. Some people experience a stress response when exposed to this type of light. They perceive the subtle flicker produced by this type of light, which triggers problems with the nervous system that can include seizures, migraines, and tics.

If you get headaches under fluorescent lights, consider replacing the CFLs in your home with LED lights, which don’t flicker. Also, use more natural light to avoid the need for artificial lighting and the problems it can cause.

Natural Light Saves Energy on Electric Bills

The oldest source of home lighting remains the most energy-efficient. Natural sunlight filling your rooms means that you don’t need to turn on lights during the day. Plus, if you have energy-efficient windows, you don’t have to worry about the sunlight heating your home in the summer or causing cold air to sleep in during the winter. Save money on lighting your home by having more or larger windows installed.

Have Best Windows and Doors of Orange County Install Your New Windows to Take Advantage of the Benefits of Natural Light 

Why live in the dark? Upgrade your home to bring more natural light in without causing your energy bills to skyrocket by partnering with us at Best Windows and Doors of Orange County. Our energy-efficient custom solutions let you choose the amount of light you want from a variety of window styles. Sign up for an in-home consultation to begin the process of making your home’s lighting more natural.




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