Benefits of Awning Windows

Thinking of upgrading windows in your home? You may want to replace some of your existing
windows with awning windows. Another option is having these windows installed where you don’t
currently have windows but want more ventilation and light. Check out the benefits of awning
windows for your home to see if they fit your lifestyle.

What Are Awning Windows?

Awning windows are a type of casement window, which has hinges on one side to allow it to crank
open. In fact, the first windows used in American homes were wooden casement windows. The
location of the hinges determines the type of casement window. In the case of the awning type, the
hinges are at the top edge to allow the window to open from the bottom. When opened, the windows
resemble awnings from the outside. The shape of these opened windows also diverts rainfall away
from the opening, so you can keep your windows open during rainfall.

Benefits of Awning Windows

Awning windows provide your home with a unique look that includes several benefits for your
lifestyle. Consider the following perks of having these windows installed in your home:

Good Ventilation

Opening awning windows allow for sunlight to enter. They also keep the rain out of the room. Many
people install awning windows to provide ventilation in kitchens or bathrooms because they work
best at allowing stale indoor air out than at bringing outside breezes inside. For the latter, consider
side-opening casement windows instead of awning windows.

Better Security

Awning windows, like casement windows, are not egress options, which means they tend to not
open wide enough to allow a person to exit through them in an emergency. This also translates to
better security for your home because they are more difficult for criminals to use to break in. Many
people install awning windows on the ground floors of their homes for this extra security.

Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency is important, especially with rising energy prices. Awning and casement windows
seal very tightly thanks to the crank that opens and closes them. In fact, they can provide a better
seal than single-hung windows.
Plus, when you choose a company that provides highly-energy efficient windows, such as Best
Windows and Doors of Orange County, you get triple-coated, low-E glass in double-paned windows.
This design maximizes value and energy efficiency in any window you choose.

Update Your Home with New Awning Windows from Best
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