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Homeowners typically are not aware of all their options when replacing existing windows or installing new ones. One type of window that many people don’t know about is folding windows. One of the most popular trends for homes in 2022 is bringing more of nature into the home, which includes installing a large opening to let the sun and breezes inside. However, these windows have multiple uses around the home, making them both growing in popularity and incredibly useful.

What Are Folding Windows?

Folding windows are perfect for large horizontal spaces. These windows consist of several panels connected by hinges. The panels may separate in the middle and fold to either side or fold to one side. The openings created by these windows are very large because the panels fold almost entirely out of the way.

What Types of Folding Windows Exist?

Folding windows include more extensive options for exterior use and smaller pass-through windows. The latter windows have widespread use inside homes. Exterior options work well to preserve the interior temperature. Multiple panels allow for more sunlight to enter a room.

Where to Use Folding Windows

Folding windows on the exterior of the house are great when you have windows that you want to open wide but may not be able to reach high enough to lift a single-pane window. The folding panels open wider than casement windows and only require access to the sides of the window. So, you can put these types of windows over kitchen sinks or cabinets to bring more fresh air and light into your home.

Smaller pass-through windows used inside the home are great for putting between the kitchen and dining room or the kitchen and living room. With these windows, you can serve food directly through the window instead of walking to another room. They also let someone working in the kitchen open the windows to partake in conversations in the next room, allowing them to enjoy social gatherings even while preparing meals.

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