Replacement windows

You might not think that installing new windows in your home can improve your home’s value, but replacement windows rank as one of the top upgrades you can make to get a high return on your investment. However, the type of windows you install matters if you want to maximize your ROI. 

Return on Investment with Replacement Windows 

So, how much can you expect to get back if you replace your existing windows? The type you install and the current windows you have will both factor into your ROI. By replacing your existing windows with new ones, you could get up to 85% back from your investment in the increase in your home’s selling price. If you want to sell your home soon, this could be one of the best investments to make to get more money for your home. 

Why Replacement Windows Produce Such a High ROI 

Replacement windows significantly improve the energy efficiency of your home. Therefore, even if they don’t make a major impact on the appearance of your home, they can lower energy bills. 

In some cases, though, your replacement windows can also improve the appearance of your home, especially if you choose new window styles or colors, such as the striking black vinyl replacement windows. 

Signature Series for Optimized Energy Efficiency 

Once, choosing black for your windows was a bad move. The color absorbs heat, and in older homes with older window technology, the heat would seep into the home through the window frames. However, thanks to upgrades in window design, you can get black windows that will make your home standout on your street. 

Our Signature Series uses the best insulation and window design possible to let you have energy-efficient windows in black. This upgrade lets you improve your home’s efficiency and appearance at the same time.

Get the Replacement Windows That Will Make Your Home Beautiful and More Valuable 

If you want to upgrade your home’s value, energy efficiency, and appearance, have replacement windows installed. At Best Windows and Doors of Orange County, we are local and provide the fastest turnaround of window and door installers in the area. Contact us today to have new doors or windows installed in your home or to find out more about our quality Signature Series windows that let you add color to your home without giving up efficiency. 




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